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Buyer Request after Level 1


While I was below Level 1 - I used to get Buyer Request 10 or 15 per day and all used to get vanish same day.
But now I have reached Level 1 - what I have observed is 450+ BR is appearing in my queue and all are old. Even if I offer, I doubt they are exist now. Might have already offered and closed.

Is this a bug to fix or really they are active request ? I am not sure.

Please help, I am sure who all have reached Level 1 and above would have experienced this.



That is not an error or a bug. When you are a “New Seller” you will receive very few buyer requests that you can respond to. When you are promoted to “Level 1” you will have open access to pretty much any still-available buyer request that relates to your gig categories. You are likely seeing all sorts of old requests because those were posted while you were a “New Seller” and couldn’t see them. Now you can, and they just as outdated as when you couldn’t see them.


Also do not send offer if request is older than 2-3 days, there is very less chances if it’s still alive.


Great !
So do you suggest them to ignore now, as I see they are outdated.


It is unlikely that any buyer – from an outdated buyer request – is still looking for the work that they have requested. Generally, the more recent the BR date, the more likely you may still have a chance at competing for that project.