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Buyer request - am forced to choose a gig to offer, why?

Hello, am a newbie and when trying to send my first offer to a buyer request, I found that I am obliged to choose one of my existing gigs.
It does not make too much sense to me, as in my understanding buyers offers would be best met via a custom offer. I am available for custom orders in the system.
A seller’s existing gigs may not precisely meet a specific buyer request.
What do you think? Is this normal? Any advice? Thanks for any support :wink:

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That is the system, you have to send offer to a buyer request via a gig.
However, you may choose any of the gigs with which you want to send out your Custom offer.

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Thanks for your response Elle. I am an experienced consultant and a believer that any “system” can be improved :wink:

Everything you offer must be attached to one of your active gigs. Choose the one that’s nearest what the buyer wants, then adjust it for their needs.

Yes, this is normal for Fiverr