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Buyer request and response time


Hi, I want to get help from you all, for many days I am not getting Buyers Requests and recently I noticed that my Response Time set to N/A. So, please anyone from there send me your instructions to get back my Response Time and what should I do to get buyers requests again?


Well, don’t worry, when you act on fiver minimum 12 hours every day, then you’ll get back your buyer request like past and when anyone knock you in your fiverr message then you’ll imrove your respons time if you respons within 1 hour properly. best of luck.

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Follow these points:

1- Make sure you have Active gigs.
2- You will see buyer requests according to your gigs uploaded.
3- Like, If i have gig of logo design then i will see the requests related logo designing,
And if i have Logo plus Web then definitely i will see the request for Both.

That’s mean,

The more you have gigs the more you have buyer requests…

4- Also, There’s NO specific time for the buyer requests, You can check manually…



Unlevelled sellers often don’t get to see as many buyer requests as levelled sellers. You’ll have to be patient and wait for them to come back.

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My gigs are active. and please could you tell me how do I return my response time

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Thankyou so much for your helpful information and how do I active my Response Time 1 hour which I used to be on my account


Thankyou so much. I was disappointed about it.


You’re welcome. When was the last time you received a message from a Fiverr user?


on 14th December I have got an message from a user

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