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Buyer Request and Send Proposal To Buyers

Hello everyone,

As a seller, we call get buyer request but after all our experiences we still might have some questions about what exactly we can share with our buyers? Please share some ideas =>

Can sellers share these information under fiverr TOS has no objections? Just listing some

  1. Our portfolio links?
  2. Portfolio website?
  3. Business portfolio page?
  4. Previously worked projects and their url links?
  5. Intro of yourself?
  6. Description of your service?
  7. Social media platforms accounts?
  8. Voice message might be better for understanding clients requirements because sharing mobile number is not working here?
  9. GDrive?dropbox? These type services?
  10. Email number that might fiverr monitor?

Please everyone give me some idea. What we can share and what we can not.

Best wishes,

Not for 1,2,3,8,10 . These will get you banned like super fast

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How do you prefer to show your works to your buyer when you are a website developer?

This is super important thing to show your previous works to your clients isn’t? Well, Clients usually ask for it in all business conversation I believe