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Buyer Request as A Research Tool?!


I know, I know, buyer requests are weak. They are unclear. They are not useful. I have read it all here. Me thinks, however, they have a interesting function. No, they can not re-elect Abraham Lincoln or make time travel possible.

I noticed they are in interesting potential barometer for how quick some buyers want their projects done. This could help a seller adjust their gig to a deadline that meets what buyers are requesting in the request.

I noticed too they give a nice array of topics and projects buyers are looking for. Seeing multiple types of projects listed could possible mean there is a need for that gig. A seller might respond by creating that gig.

Among the ruins of the buyer request are some interesting finds that could help a seller adjust their gigs or come up with new ones.

One persons trash, as they say, is another ones treasure. Happy treasure hunting.