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Buyer Request asking ADULT content previously no buyer request

This is what support team replied when I told theme I am seeing no buyer request

Later on, while I was checking the list of buyer requests that came later yesterday -

I’ve seen these type of adult contents being asked on fiverr previously, But I thought these are allowed on fiverr. Later I came to know these are agianst fiverr TOS.

CS told me the editor revies the buyer requests. Then WHAT IS THIS :zipper_mouth_face:


The buyer in that request is asking for technical help with a site about adult services. They are not asking a Fiverr user to provide adult services themselves. I doubt that Fiverr staff has any problem with that. I really don’t see why you should worry about it.

If you aren’t seeing enough Buyer Requests it’s probably because there aren’t enough or you are not leveled or something similar. Let Fiverr staff do their job as they see fit and if you don’t like that Buyer Request, scroll past it and wait for another one. The rest is really staff business, not seller business.


This is where the ToS waters get a bit muddy for me.

Adult related website design gigs aren’t allowed and are removed.

The ToS says ‘Adult oriented services’ aren’t allowed, so like the OP I’d wonder why this buyers’ request would fall within the ToS and other, similar gigs wouldn’t and would be removed?

Would a seller who answered the buyer’s request and did the work be putting themselves at risk of breaking the ToS, even if it was inadvertently?


The TOS regarding adult content is a grey area.

Somethings are accepted, while others not so much.

Some adult/erotica gigs are also hidden, but allowed.

So, to play it safe, I like to run it by CS first to get their feedback.


Exactly, what is the point of review? If adult buyer requests are live



Seriously - so there’s like a ‘dark’ Fiverr as well?



I found a few posts on the subject matter.

Lucy, talked about this issue as well.

So, the Seller will have to find a way to promote these gigs to get traffic. Once hidden Buyers can still purchase these types of gigs.


Gotcha - so they’re not in the search as such, but can still be purchased. :sunny:


Really?:face_with_monocle: Need to search with a full moon, may be we can find the dark when we reach :night_with_stars: Dark fiver with the new moon


Now I kind of feel as if I am selling erotica on the black market :joy:


Might be :lying_face: :shushing_face: Shhh! People will know. Don’t tell anyone :joy:


Yeah. It sucks! I actually :heart: erotica. So, I guess buying on the black market it is. :wink:


I just had this mental image of someone like you with a peaceful lemonade staff on the sidewalk, but inside the ice chest is a hidden compartment! Lemonade for sale! Step right up! :lemon: Lemonade!

Whispers to a regular customer: Sure, I can help you with that special order… You watch for the coppers :policeman: while I type something up on my portable… shhhhh :shushing_face:


XD You’re all the best

I would definitely do that too

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I had to write some 18+ content for a blog though, I had no other choice. The buyer just went through and placed an order, I checked the info he put forward, It was all this sex toys and stuff and says start working… I couldn’t cancel and I had to do it to keep up the rating.

I’d like to call it a nightmare, I wouldn’t like to do this.

Who would?
It’s been constantly shown that Fiverr supports Buyers more than Sellers.

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:hushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m only human. :stuck_out_tongue: