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Buyer request below 90%

Hi there…
I was confusing why I can’t do buyer request?
So what should I do?


When it says something like “your rating must be at least 90% positive to send an offer to buyer requests” I think it means your all-time average rating needs to be at least 4.5 stars (90% of 5) - unless it actually means 90% of your rates need to be positive (above a certain amount).

Try and get orders another way until your all-time average rating is high enough. eg. maybe try advertising your gigs somewhere (without spamming) or try creating other gigs/amending existing ones. If you still can’t get orders and it’s been a long time you could ask customer support if you can close the account and create a new one.

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Yes, I just made other gigs.
Thanks for your advice…

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please you can 7 gig ok

Yes I have 7 gigs…
Thank for your advice