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Buyer request bug in the app

So this has been happening for a long time, but when you (a seller) send out an offer in Buyer Requests using the Fiverr app, it sometimes brings up a gig that’s not conducive to the clients request. For example, if a client wants a treatment for a film project, and you put in a bid, it’ll bring up another one of your writing gigs (lets say poetry). Instead of the actual writing gig (screenplay writing) that matches up exactly with what the client is asking for. The problem is, you simply cannot change this in the app. So you have to send your offer packaged within the poetry gig. Which obviously, if the client receives it, they will most likely be confused as to why it’s marked poetry, and it could possibly cost you the opportunity by default.


@nickj2013 yeah, I have been facing the same problem too.

Hello, absolutely right I also got this problem, Fiverr mobile app only selects a single category gig and it’s you simply cannot change this in the app. but on the desktop, we can change any gig and send it to the clients. but why? I think it is happened for my mobile memory limitation.

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