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Buyer Request Clarity Wanted

A couple of IMPORTANT questions here that require clarity and that, I’m sure, many Fiverr sellers are wondering about.

  1. What is the timezone orientation when it comes to Offers renewal?
  2. What determines how many buyer requests you see, and maybe, when? I am asking because when I ran out of offers and renewed the Buyer Requests page - a bunch of new requests were shown, where 0 people have applied, and obviously I could not apply because my offers were at zero. When I was at 10 offers again - none of those Buyer Requests were showing up as if they were never there, and only old ones are showing up. Does this have to do with me having two active orders? Is there an algorithm by which Fiverr distributes and displays its offers?

I have been on Fiver for a few years now and haven’t been active in the past 2-3 years. I’ve updated my gigs and now have two orders in process, which is of course a good thing. But knowing the mechanism behind Buyer Requests functionality is crucial and requires some light shedding. Can someone from Fiverr community answer the above?

I don’t know what an “Offers renewal” is. Can you better clarify what you are asking?

I would imagine there are internal metrics – that sellers will never know – that play a part in the buyer requests they see. Other than that, seller level usually plays the most notable role in how many BRs you can see. No level sellers see few to no requests, while Level 1 and Level 2 sellers see more.

There is no set time for when BRs become visible. They appear when they appear.

Fiverr is not likely to tell anyone how their proprietary algorithms work. Doing so would undermine their business, and allow people to take unfair advantage of the system.

We are all just fellow Fiverr users, like you. Fiverr staff rarely participates here on the forums. If you need to ask something directly to Fiverr, you may find it more beneficial to send them a direct message via their support system.

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By Offer renewal I meant the moment when you get another set of 10 offers that you can use for requests.

As for the buyer requests, I just found it unfair that once I submitted my 10 offers and didn’t have any left - I could see a myriad new buyer requests that did not have any applicants, which ultimately meant that I have missed on the opportunity to be one of the first people to reply to their request.

Your thought about the metrics is understandable and I agree. Still better be safe than sorry in terms of having this knowledge.