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Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) Updated August 2018


There have been quite a lot of posts recently about low numbers of Buyer Requests. This is a different topic entirely from spam in BR and you can read about that elsewhere, so this is not about that issue.

This is not an official statement but I can give out some general information based on what has been observed about Buyer Requests. If this does not resolve your issues, you may try self-promotion instead or contact Support. For other FAQ’s about Buyer Requests including Support comments see this post.

  • If you do not have a very high feedback rating, you may not be able to see new Buyer Requests. The exact percentage required has been adjusted from time to time, but generally speaking, if your feedback rating is lower than 90% positive, you may see a reduced number of Buyer Requests or none at all. There comes a point when you cannot bid on Buyer Requests due to a lower feedback rating.
  • If you are a new seller or have been demoted to level 0, you may not see available Buyer Requests. This depends on your gig category or categories, how many BR have been released recently and Fiverr policy.
  • New and level 0 sellers who do see Buyer Requests can only make a limited number of offers. After you have made some offers, you may not see Buyer Requests again for some time.
  • Buyer Requests are not published at exactly the same time every day and occasionally there are no new ones for longer than a 24 hour period. This may depend on your gig category as well.
  • Since Buyer Requests may be limited according to your level and Fiverr makes adjustments to the system, higher level sellers may see more BR than level 1 sellers.
    *If you have ever placed spam in Buyer Requests, misused Buyer Requests, if you have sent offers for requests that you didn’t qualify for, or have received a warning - you may no longer be able to see or bid on Buyer Requests.
    ***** Update/Addition: These points are updates because I’ve seen a routinely repeated issue on the forum since this post was written. One reason you may see limited buyer requests regardless of level is that you can only see buyer requests that are closely related to the categories you sell in. If you used to have 20 gigs but you were demoted or just removed some and have less gigs, you may see less buyer requests.
    ***** Buyers choose which category they think their request fits in, so sometimes the requests you see are in your category but do not relate to your services. Just skip those.
  • *Buyer Requests has never been intended as a primary way to reach buyers.
    ***** If you see sellers advertising in Buyer Requests, ignore them and move on. Buyers cannot see their ads anyway and sellers who keep posting ads there eventually get caught breaking the rules. Just don’t let them get in your way.
  • Fiverr is not like some other freelance sites that have their basis in bidding on offers. Buyer Requests has always been a fallback to help out. No seller should rely on Buyer Requests as their only form of self-promotion.
  • If you do see some Buyer Requests but you struggle to get orders, you may want to refer to these articles:

Once again, please remember, this is not an official statement but is based on an observance of Buyer Requests and forum posts. If you have other questions about BR, please find another way to promote yourself, try forum search. for other posts on this, or check with Customer Support. General posts complaining about BR may be closed due to high volume.

Update July 2018: Buyer Request Tip

Some people have reported that they get more or better results if they filter BR by particular categories and others report that they get better results by filtering by All. To try this, change this dropdown box:
Go back and forth between “All Subcategories” and your individual categories and see if you locate more or better results. If not, you may have to wait until you have more offers left or until you level up or raise your rating percentage.

Updated August 2018: Buyer Request Times

One of the Frequently Asked Questions about Buyer Requests is “How often are new requests displayed?” Another version of this question is “Are there set times of day for new Buyer Requests?”

In actuality, there is no set time of day when BR are released and there is no single answer regarding how often they are sent out. Some people do notice that they temporarily get BR updates at certain times of day, but Fiverr has not made statements that there is a permanent plan for this.

Sellers live in different time zones and BR will vary for everyone no matter what. If you find a time of day to check that seems best for you in your time zone, use that. There is no need to ask for times or offer times on the forum since it is always subject to change.

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For information only.

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