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Buyer Request copy-paste

If I send a buyer request by using copy-paste, is it any problem?

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Dear Taniya:

If you send a Buyer Request by using copy-paste, it can cause problems.

It depends on just what you mean.

If you are composing a new submission in a text editor and copying and pasting that into the browser, that should be okay.

If you have a generic response that you post as your submission so that the Buyer forms the impression that you did not read their request before responding or that you don’t have the skills relevant to help them with their request, they will probably not want to buy from you.

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Your buyer needs to be sure that you can do the specific job. A generic copy-pasted offer may not prove that thing to the buyer. So, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

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i guess it can make problems .

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buyer 1… Do you like sweets?
seller…Yes I can swim
buyer 2…I need someone who can drive a car.
seller…Yes I can swim