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Buyer request denied, no explanation, I'm confused

I posted my first buyer’s request in the programming / data analysis section. It was pending for a couple days and now it’s been moved to disapproved. The only explanation I see is “Your request was declined. Review and modify it”. Problem is, I have no idea what is wrong about it so I don’t know what to modify. Any ideas?

"I want an automated process that scrapes new comments within a particular subreddit looking for keywords from a massive (+/- 250,000) keyword list I create, and alerts me via email/text/etc when one of the keywords has seen an X% increase in usage over an X hour period.

For example, let’s say I sell toys on Amazon and I want to get ahead of the newest trends so I create a keyword list of 250,000 different toys that exist in the world, including the keyword “hoverboards”. The application I need would scrape the new comments in r/toys and search the comments against my keyword list. When the keyword “hoverboard” has seen a 10% rise in usage in the last 12 hours, I get an email notifying me that interest in hoverboards is on the rise."

I would like the ability to edit the keyword list, edit the percentage of rise/interest, and edit the specified time frame. I also want this process to be as automated as possible and should require no daily work on my part. My budget and timeline are flexible and reasonable.

I look forward to hearing what you can do, your timeline and your projected cost.


Maybe it goes against Reddit’s ToS? (Breaking third-party ToS is breaking Fiverr’s ToS.) If I had to guess, I’d say it’s either the ‘bot’ or the ‘scraping’.

(Plus you’d have no context. What if you were tracking (example) ‘Samsung Galaxy’ and saw it uptick, but didn’t know it was because they were catching fire.)

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As I understand, Reddit allows scraping and clearly outlines their rules surrounding it.

As for the no context, I appreciate the concern but I don’t actually sell toys on Amazon and the no context will not be an issue for my project.

edit - no arrogance intended, I appreciate your input! I’m just frustrated at fiverr for providing absolutely no reasoning for denying the request.

Your arrogant response here indicates that you would probably be a horrid person to work for so maybe it is something else that you are choosing to ignore or assume. Other things that lead you into unwanted outcomes, as clearly occurred here in how you treated someone trying to assist you - yet you chose to demean based on the info you didn’t see fit to share yet assumed should be known.


From what I have read there is a tool that Reddit allows to scrape keywords - Keyworddit.

I have no idea why your Buyer’s Request is being denied here - it may be some TOS here at Fiverr that doesn’t like scraping? Sounds painful either way. :smile_cat:

I know there are a TON of people here who offer this scraping stuff - maybe instead of making a Buyer’s Request, do a keyword search here for: Reddit Worddit Scraping or something to see what sellers you come up with?


Yeah, everything I’ve researched says its totally doable and a-ok…no idea why they’d deny the request. It’s super frustrating that they don’t at least indicate a reason why the denied it!

I appreciate the thoughts, I guess I’m going to have to do some super specific keyword searching. Thanks!

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Hope you have a lovely day.


I wasn’t trying to be a biblical donkey, as ridden by Jesus on palm Sunday. You however appear to be trying to do exactly that, despite help being offered as requested.

My point, which I think you deliberately don’t want to consider, let alone take on-board, is that maybe you are not understanding what the problem from Fiverr’s perspective is because you are only considering your preferred perspective in this matter. Further that your ego-driven approach is pushing away other possible views (and people) in the matter, which limits your ability to see anything but what you have deemed to be true - yet is clearly not borne out by results.

Yesterday I gave a similar bit of advice to someone here in this forum. His first response was like yours - plain backhanded offensive. A few minutes later he got over himself and realized that what I had said to him opened another opportunity he hadn’t thought of before. He than had the honor to acknowledge that I had actually helped him.

Your call what you do with yourself now.