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Buyer request details

In buyer request the details of the offer should be in details or short…Sometimes I feel confused about that.


Well, you will come across BRs created by a wide variety of buyers. While some buyers might prefer as short of a BR as possible (few lines), others might be looking for a very detailed BR. So there’s no single “ideal BR offer.”

I think a good BR offer would be something in between these two. In my opinion, a good BR offer should be as concise as possible while also not skipping out on any important/pertinent details that the buyer would want/need to know.

For example, a long-winded message that mainly focuses on your previous experiences would not make for a good BR offer. You need to make the BR engaging; it should also be customized specifically to the BR you’re applying to.

Here is a forum post that links to a few other forum posts that talk about creating a good BR offer. In fact, one of the posts mentioned is from a top buyer on Fiverr; it might help you create a good BR offer. Have a look:


Thank you so much.I just need to know those details.