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Buyer request disappear when I send offer

Why buyer request disappear when I send offer to that request? Is this is because of buyer already hired someone else?

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It may be because the request has hit its limit of offers. If you already sent a request, though, it doesn’t matter if it does disappear from your active requests list. You’ve already send an offer, why would you still need to see the request on your live requests page.

If you want to see your request, after you sent it, you can find it on your sent requests page.


is this is an update in fiverr?
actually i start using fiverr after sometime.
in older version it remain there in active requests section

Why do all the new sellers associate their success or failure with a random “update” by Fiverr? Fiverr is updating their site on a daily basis. There is no specific “update” upon which to blame things that you don’t understand, or don’t go the way you want them to.

As far as what you claim to be an update, no, the sent buyer requests page is not a new update. It has be around for years…

Go to your “Buyer Requests” page under the “More” link on your Fiverr seller pages (“dashboard” if you need a specific page). Click “More”, and that drops down a few options, one of which is you Buyer Requests page. On that page are two tabs, “Active” and “Sent Offers”. Click “Sent Offers” to see all offers that you have sent.


Thankyou Sir for your compliment

This is what I know:


yes now this is happening to me :smiley: