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Buyer Request disappeared from my Dashboard


Buyer Request from my Dashboard disappeared by itself, after seeing once.

Any way to get that again.

Seeking Help.


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Hi, Thumbee
You are welcome to Fiverr community.
Yes, Buyer request shown one time but if stayed on dashboard before refresh or other option click.

I know, but it just disappeared before I click/refresh anything. Is there a way to bring that back?

Thanks for answering.

What level are you? If you do not have level you can not bring them back. After you click F5 it is all gone. Or even without refreshing they can be deleted by Fiverr system.

I am just new @marinapomorac

Then you only get to see small amount of BR two times a day, depending on your region.

Can you explain, a bit more please. I’m from India.

Read that, and Help section for BR.

Basically you only see BR two times a day as new seller. You have to check when is this happening then be online in that time.

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Thanks for sharing. I will, definitely.