Buyer request display again after removing from it


hello everyone
in few days i got same request again and again after removing request.
i have not idea what to do about that.


i already removed request from it but it still display in some minutes.


same thing happening with my buyer requests.


I have the same problem but with another buyer request… and it s really annoying…


O. M.G! Am having the same issue with a particular request as well.


same problem with my BR.


I’m having the same problem


I am face the same problem


I am face the same problem


I’ve been having the same problem. I created a post about it here earlier today then it was somehow fixed. Now I’m starting to have the same problem again.

I am seeing a request that was made a long time ago which now has over 60 offers. I made my offer and got the order from that person but I’m still seeing it in the buyers request page. Is it like a glitch, or a bug? (I’m not very good with technical terms)

Happy freelancing


Hello friend.
i recently submitted request about that to fiverr with this forum.
i got following resolution from fiverr.

that really helpful me and also i think that helpful to you.
Thank you.


Oh no! same problem is happening everywhere!!!.. I just bored about the problem. Have any solution plz?