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Buyer request dissappear

I am not getting any buyer requests. why ???
do you know why does it happen suddenly??

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It happens suddenly for level 0 users because of the way Fiverr have programmed it. The made it so as soon as a certain number of offers to a request have been made by level 0 sellers (maybe 10) it disappears from the list for level 0 sellers.

So how will we get an order if we can’t send them request?

Refresh the buyer request page multiple times a day. You’ll see some at some times during the day. When you see one you can do well, send an offer, but don’t spend too much time writing it (in case it disappears) but also don’t use a template answer (since they won’t be specific enough to what the buyer is asking). Address what the buyer is asking.

Some people would probably advise to promote your gigs somewhere too.

ok thank you so much

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You have to ensure :-

  • Active online as much as you can.
  • Always keep open buyer request tab .
  • Do not reload your browser when you see some request, otherwise it will disappear
  • There are some timeframe during a day for getting buyer requests, so learn about it.
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Thank you so much. I will try to follow.

Actually, I came back in fiverr after 1 and a half year and everything has got down and not getting any order from May.

when you are level one seller then you will get 100s of them.

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oh. got it. thank you

Its all about gig optimization with niche keyword research. if you can do it better way, you will get orders.