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Buyer Request Do not Update for 4-5 day ongoing

Buyer request do not update from 17 may. It is all same buyer request I found as 4 day past (Graphic Design Section). I am from Bangladesh and as I talk to my friends, they also see same request for this 4 days (17-21 may). So please check and solve this bug.!


I’m experiencing the same problem :cry:

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I am also facing the same problem


I think it depends on the category you are in. Some categories have so many sellers, so buyers have more option, graphics designing has lot of sellers

No it is not as you think. It is most probably a bug so days old request is freezed in all our request page. Check out posting date! it is not change yet, I see same 4 request even now on. It is not too many seller for too little request. As my experience 4-5 request coming in 10-15 minutes. Now we see same 4 request for 5-6 days running (no new request.nothing update but only send offer numbers).

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+1 I’ve dismissed the same buyer request for at least 1.5-2 weeks now and it just wont go away. Now the list of zombie buyer requests is up to 3 that just keep showing up.

Yeah, it’s buggy! :beetle:

I delete requests and they magically reappear. It’ mind-boggling for the requester to sort through these Sellers tho. :grimacing:

What’s the solution ?