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Buyer request during night time

Yesterday, I received an initial request by a buyer around 1:30 am during nighttime. I noticed my Fiverr app ringing while I was sleeping. The project wasn’t that bad, but because I thought I had to answer the email directly, I rejected the request because I was really tired.
So here my question. Does it affect my response rate when I don’t answer immediately during night time to new potential clients?


following! I have same query.

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You had the same query during the night from last Saturday to Sunday, or you have the same question? It was a buyer from Canada who might not take time gaps into account, so maybe it was the right choice to reject him because otherwise, he could have turned out as very complicated, demanding and neglecting my needs.

You have 24 hours to respond.


Yes, sure. Thank you!

I think you have a whole day to respond ( 24 hours time). So i suggest you take your time.

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Thank you ver much. That helps.

I think it will not effect to response rate as it is showing as ’ Night Mode’. Need to respond in 24 hours.

Good Luck