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Buyer Request Experience

I daily sent 10 out of 10 offers in responding buyer request. I fell I need at least 50 offers/day for buyers.
What do You think?


Assume you send 50 offers a day for 5 days, you would have 250 offers sent, then all of a sudden all the offers get approved and convert to orders with a turnaround of 1 or 2 days can you deliver all of them, what if the buyers start asking for changes.


Good Point friend. But for my personal experience 2% of offers I sent is accepted. If all offers are getting approved,then I will increase my delivery time by requesting them.

I agree with you

So you will send 50 offers and when you are unable to deliver all of them, you will request the buyers to extend your delivery time??? The answer to what I think about you needing to send at least 50 offers a day is that you can’t handle it.

I get Your point friend,but if You see the gigs in the first page,few sellers have 350+ orders in their queue with 2-3 days of delivery time. If they could able to handle their task,then why I’m not…

Because you do not know the strategy they use. Those sellers might have a team behind them each handling a different task to make sure they meet their deadline.

You should be focusing on writing better proposals

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Thanks brother for Your advice.