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Buyer request expiry?


Is there a point when buyer requests no longer become visible? I search for key words within my buyer requests, and I still see requests from weeks ago (some that I’ve offered too, and others that havent)

If they are still visible, does that mean they have not yet chosen an offer? Or does it just get removed after a set amount of time?



I think they get paused after certain amount of time (or a certain number of days after the last offer made on them). When I look in one category I don’t currently see any earlier than 6th December 2017 (approx a month ago). So I think they normally get paused when they’re roughly a month old, though I think they can get re-activated if the buyer decides to (unless it’s been paused too long?).


Interesting! Thanks for taking the time to reply.


They definitely do get paused after around 2 months. I know because it happened to a request I made.


I want to know the answer to this too. Whenever I get an order from a buyer from the page and completed it, I noticed that sometimes the request has disappeared and sometimes it is still there.