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Buyer Request Fake request and isn't helpful

Most of the people those who post buyer requests on fiverr are fake , Just because they don’t hire and maybe they are usually for seeing every one’s job cover letter so they can apply with same tactics, few of them are original and most of the complicated work is being posted on fiverr buyer request and they want that work to be done in budget of 5-10$ for a job of 150-300$ and most of the new sellers destroys the market by offering that work in 5-10$ . I am saying this after having a having experience on fiverr of more than 3 years at fiverr as seller.

Looking forward to everyone views on it .

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BRs should be vetted. Unfortunately they are not.

I’d you’d like our views on it you can research this topic and read the threads. We’ve discussed.this hundreds of times.

Exactly right… most of the buyer request are fake.

You are under the false assumption that everyone bidding $5 to $10 for 40 hours of work is a competent, professional seller.

Every one of them bid without reading the requirements. The real sellers rolled their eyes or shook their heads and moved on.

Those “fake buyers” get “fake sellers” and deserve each other. The work won’t get done, at least not correctly.

If you are a true professional, wait for real project and make a real bid. Take your time and write a real proposal.

I typically get 40 + bids in less than 5 minutes. I end up deleting all of them because it’s all garbage. If I do find a “diamond in the rough” - it’s like the 50th bid. :slightly_smiling_face:


You are right , Most of them are garbage and copy pasted replies. Thanks for your words and helping out !

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