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Buyer request: Few questions about sending an offer

I have few doubts on how to create a offer in the BR section.

  • Is there a way to see the buyer’s name, so that I can greet him/her properly?
  • Description of many requests are vague. So how do you set your price and time needed to deliver the work without knowing the requirements? Or is it amendable later on once the buyer accept your offer?
  • How long my offer will be valid? I meant is there something like an auto completion of order for this feature?
  • Related to the above question, Is there a way to know whether the buyer has seen my offer and accepted or rejected it?
  • What happens if he accept someone’s else gig? Will I get a notification or my offer will be removed from the list of offers sent?
  • When will the count down start if the buyer accept my offer? Will it start at the moment he accept the offer or after I see that he has accepted my offer?
  • What will happen if I quote one day delivery, the buyer accepted the offer but I couldn’t login for next 24 hours?
  • Can I include samples in the offer I sent? How do I include an image in the offer?
  • If the buyer accepted my offer but it turned out that his/her requirements are different can I cancel the gig?

Thank you.