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Buyer request fiverr problems and solutions


Hello everyone, i thought it is time we discuss about buyer requests the system needs some improvements,
for example i feel that there is too much competition , some of you may say it’s a good thing right? well not exactly sellers send requests to buyers as soon as buyer posts the request, and as there are too many sellers competing for the same job, they don’t even read what a buyer has to say and just copy paste a sales pitch they once had written just to achieve that golden spot in order to get noticed by the buyer, and sometimes it works out they get the spot and the job but fail to deliver because they didn’t read the description carefully enough and it is something that they cannot deliver and order cancelled disappointing buyers and sellers at the same time, there many issues like under bidders, sellers posting in buyer requests etc i know some of you may have great ideas which can be implemented so they can yield better results for fiverr, so go ahead and take the mic :smiley:


Fiver has been, and will always be, based upon the concept of competition. This isn’t going to change just because YOU want more Buyer Requests, that YOU have a better chance of winning. More competition is better for the buyer, because it gives them more services to choose from. If a seller wants to earn the jobs, he/she will have to learn how to out-compete their competition.


there’s a thin line between survival and competition, in survival of your company you don’t care about the
product itself you care about it’s selling point, In competition you focus on the product that it is good enough to be sold.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, i for one personally see that if there was a system that seller wasn’t worried about the top position they would actually read what a buyer has to say and maybe even write how they are going to proceed with their project, that would be a perfect thing, I suppose this would give buyers an idea what they are getting into beforehand thus it would ultimately lead to a far better competition and experience for sellers and buyers alike, and stop capitalizing “YOU” and as I can see that you took some of your time to do it, I suppose it is for pointing me out with certain parts of my post but not the overall message, well this topic is for improvement of a feature and i think that there’s always gap for improvement in everything, and I would encourage everyone to stay on topic.


and it is not about what “I” want, it is about how can “WE” better, so i would recommend you to stay on topic, thanks


Can you be a bit friendlier to other forum users please? Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

A conversation is just that, you have your say, and others join in - they don’t have to agree with you.


And how do YOU plan to come up ith such an EFFICIENT system for millions of sellers? It seems like YOU know a lot more about this marketplace than a seller with over a thousand reviews. Hmm, 10 reviews vs 1000 reviews. Seems like a pretty tight competition. This would have been a pretty peaceful discussion, but YOU decided to go on against the others in a less respectful way.
I have had accepted offers from BRs that had over 28 submissions over a span of 3 days. This defies your claim of the buyers accepting requests from the sellers who submit their offer before YOU.


I don’t think i was not being friendly and i don’t think everybody has to agree with me, but this doesn’t mean everybody should start pointing me out :slight_smile:


hello and thanks for your contribution, I am in no way disrespecting anyone, And your sarcastic tone is not appreciated at all, and this topic is not in anyway related to mine or any other sellers reputation thank you :slight_smile:


See, this the thing about public forum. You post something and the others react to it. You should and must not try to impose what you think, on the others, especially when you have little to no experience on the topic under discussion.
I hope you get my point.


I am not trying to impose myself onto others, I have a right to defend myself and i would humbly ask you to stay on topic please, If you think the buyer request system is perfect than that’s your opinion and that’s good too, thank you :slight_smile:


Yes and I am expressing my opinion on this public forum :slight_smile:


And i thank you for your contribution :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! And another good idea is to be respectful towards the other users who lay down their opinions, just to help you out. Give it a thought.