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Buyer request for discount offer

I got a buyer to whom I am offering more leads than my gig price, even though he ask for a discount on that. what should I do in this situation? please help new to fiverr.

Say ‘no’.


It’s simple bro, just say ‘NO’, we put efforts to get paid. :heart: :hugs:

Give him a huge hug :hugs: and alots of love :heart: :heart: :heart: in discount :wink:


HI Dilipkumar,
As you are new on Fiverr. You are cordially welcome on this platform and on this forum.
You are saying you are charging more than your gig price, and the buyer is asking for a discount. I would suggest you to give him discounts. You will not be at disadvantage at all because by giving discounts your rates will come at original price of your gig.
Being new, focus to build long term relations with your clients.


Just say ‘No’…

More work needs to be done asking for a discount. And in the order, he will ask for something else to be done additionally, or he will put a “bad review and rating”. Because many of these buyers are looking for new sellers, especially for this. Does the buyer have reviews from other sellers? - look at them.

You haven’t read correctly. The buyer would rather want a discount than extra work for free, or wants extra work for free according to what he wrote.


Hey, Naheedmir.
I am not charging him more, I am giving him more values (quantity) for a less price and in that too he is asking for discount.

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