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Buyer Request for new sellers on Fiverr

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face: . As a new seller on Fiverr who is yet to get his first order, But has done the needful; i have optimized my gig with a title as well as a description. I also included gig images and a video. :grinning:
I would like to know Why some sellers discourage new sellers from using the buyer request, yet other sellers would encourage it? :roll_eyes:


By “using” buyer request, you could really be talking about two things: posting about your services there, or offering your services to individual buyers via the “send offer” option.

The former is discouraged, the latter is great.


Thanks, duly noted. I thought it was because most buyers try to get a lot more done while offering little payment

That’s also true, but there are still some good ones out there. I’ve found a lot of recurring buyers from BR, while others have just been cheapskates.

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Agreed. I found buyers that have purchased another 20+ projects at full price … and of course those that want $100 worth of work for $5.


Sometimes, you can find hidden gems buried somewhere within the vast mounds of coal :wink: @caesarridd


Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

I should contact you?

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I misunderstood your last reply @ "come here on my profile "…but I did check out your gig …they are nice, and I hope you get an order soon

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thanks but long time i get no order

Hi everybody, i am new on fiverr. Please give me advise to optimized my gig.
I am a musician based in Indoneisa.

Thanks a lot

Optimize your gig using most searched and relevant keywords

You can check out the other topics in the forum,that relates to optimizing your gig

don,t be discourage…stay positive