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Buyer request for order cancellation after delivery

A buyer contacted me and order a custom order for my services.

I delivered my work on time.
After 2 days of delivery, buyer requested some modifications.
I really didn’t understand what buyer want to changes, I messaged him for clear things.
But no reply.

So after waiting whole day, i made change (with some understanding) and delivered again.

Buyer again respond after 2 days for mutual cancellation.

I worried that buyer already received work, he will use it and i will not get anything.

That’s okey if i agree to cancel order?
Buyer can left review or not?
Or this will effect my Ranking?


Don’t accept the cancellation till you get in touch with the seller and understand why he or she is asking for a cancellation and how can you fix the issue if there are an.
Non need to worry if you delivered exactly what he asked, be careful that you might find buyers that try to steal your work.

I think he don’t want to pay, thats why he want to cancel order.
He not replying my messages.

if i approve cancellation, effect my rating?

Don’t worry keep try to do your best and perfectly…