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Buyer request for send him medicine


Hi everyone,
I have a buyer who request to me that I send to him some generic medicine from my region. Medicine is easily available in my region but the question is that the country law of buyer is against to export medicine from specific country such as mine. So, I can not send to him medicine in any legal way. I have another way for sending medicine, but my inner instinct say that it is illegal. I’m confused about it. Please give me advice if anyone here who knows about it.


No confusion - if it’s illegal please don’t do it.


Thanks for your advice.


You’re welcome! Not sure why a buyer would ask you to send him medicine.

Is it an unusual gig extra to your logo design gig? :wink:


What kind of medicine, what is it for?

I am in the US and sometimes have ordered medicine from other countries. It is not a problem, and depends on what the medicine is for and what kind it is.


I buy my shoes at McDonalds! Well, it’s on a par with buying medicine on Fiverr isn’t it? :wink:


If someone is desperate, or unable to afford the medicine they need, people do strange things. There are many in the US who cannot afford the medicine they need and have no way to get it.


No, I have not any gig or gig extra about it, but I have a gig in health category. This request comes from buyer request section. I didn’t know about any import export law, but later I inquired online and offline about it. So I am confused.
But now I am closing that request.

OT for retouchstudio

Why? Some of us buyers are rather boring & normal. :slight_smile: