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Buyer Request from Seller

Yes, We have the buyer request service for improving our gig or getting the order.

But, Nowadays Some of the seller/new seller place requests as they like a buyer and we’re the seller sends the request for the job and don’t know the request was from the seller or real buyer. In that way, The request we sent to the seller/new seller, The request will be worthless.

We have only 10 requests per day. If sellers place the requests without any reason and from those we lost 5 or less than 5 requests. How can we get benefit from the buyer request? Any Suggestion.

Any filter option from the “Fiverr” or ‘Fiverr’ needs to work on it by adding the filter system for us?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • read the request thoroughly; usually, it’s pretty clear when it’s from a seller;
    if it’s worded in such a way it’s not clear, and you always manage to find ten or more requests you want to apply to, maybe keep that request slot for a request that clearly is from a person wanting to buy

  • if you feel so inclined, you can report the seller (in the app, you see the user names); I suppose Fiverr will give them a warning and they’ll know to not post in buyer request again then;
    this is between you and your conscience, those sellers seem to think “buyer request” means they’ll request a buyer there, they don’t know any better (didn’t read or didn’t understand Fiverr’s or whoever’s info about BR, and while a warning like that probably won’t get them suspended in and of itself, warnings pile up, and people who don’t get what BR is for might have trouble understanding other things, policies, etc. too, they may have already gotten a warning for spamming other sellers with their gig or something. (If they should be on this platform then, if they didn’t read or understand the ToS and other things, is another question and off-topic.)

Basically, to waste as little time as possible on this, your best bet is to only send offers to requests that clearly are by people wanting to buy a service and ignore the rest. If you always find so many BRs that you’re afraid of running out of your 10 daily offers, it shouldn’t be too hard to spend them on actual buying requests.

As for a Fiverr filter system, I’m sure they have one, and it’s probably self-improving over time, but they need to be careful - we’ve had people here complaining who were actual buyers, and had their BRs denied by the filter, and that’s of course something neither Fiverr nor we all want.
You probably can’t make those filters too strict.


I appreciate your details. Thank you so much for your time.


Hi friend
Sorry for that but most times you should always read the request and understand it before applying that would help you identify a Request from either a Buyer nor a Seller…

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Hi Kate, I’m not sure what you’re sorry for, but don’t be. What you’re saying is exactly what I meant with “usually, it’s pretty clear when it’s from a seller;”. Personally, I don’t have any issues identifying buyer requests from seller ads, neither do I have problems with running out of my daily 10 offers, it’s rare that I see more than one offer per day in BR that I want to reply to, if even that.


Okay dear wish you all the luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: