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Buyer request full of spam

I post buyer requests sometimes and 99-100% of the replies that I get are complete spam from people who refuse to read the gig. Is there some way to report them? It is so incredibly frustrating and it wastes so much time.

I’m half tempted to buy their offer and then just give them a bad rating if they turn out to lie.


The feeling is mutual, 99% of buyer requests are absolute garbage. They should clean that up.

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I agree with you about it, sometimes they share weird meaningless links, and other times they share their website and YouTube videos to get more visits and views (SEO guys can understand me)

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I post Buyer request quite often so I understand your frustrate.
Unfortunately Fiverr system doesn’t have a system dealing with offers from sellers who don’t even read description.

To filter out such spam offers, I often put a request at the end of my message like “Please write the word “apple” before your offer”.
That may help choose serious sellers who read the requests and they often do a better job.


Well, the biggest problem is people say that buyers don’t actually have time to go through the whole list of people. So, they rather check out the first 20 people or a few earliest responses.
This is the reason Seller just put the request without reading.
As said by “power_design” putting a message “Please write the word “apple” before your offer” is a good and suggested option is one of the solutions.
And daily sellers can put 10 offers, so if it is reduced to 5 this might decrease as people will have to think twice before putting an offer.

I personally have my response written in notepad from where I copy and paste it in response and add few lines after reading the description.

I think that others are just pasting pre-written responses there without even seeing what Style of Logo is the buyer asking for.

I also get a lot of sellers claiming to know the software that I need help with. THen if I message them they admit that they do not know.