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Buyer Request Gigs



I just found this “buyers request” gig section. i saw a few i wanted to make an offer on. i clicked the first one and I could not click anymore. So i dont know any info about this but I wanted to find out the rules. am I only allowed to make one offer at a time? one per day or what?


As far as I know, since V2 (new Fiverr’s version) you can offer 5 times a day :bz


aaah maybe it has something to do with me being a new seller. I just made one offer and now i have “no more offers available today”


I have sold 15 GIGs 100% and npot a level 1 and you can nly offer 1 per day making it hard to establish yourself on fiverr without getting featured.


Thanks Dollar9856

This is pretty frustrating. I now see people featured who have NO rating points. zero sales at all. i have had 5 sales and im at 100 percent and im still no where to be found lol now ive only had an account for a week so im hoping that is it.


I believe Level 2 get 5 requests, Level 1 get 3 and new members get 1 a day. :slight_smile:


Top sellers get a whopping 10! :slight_smile:


Where is the “Requested Gigs” section? How do you find it?