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Buyer request: Giving a higher offer than the buyer's price?


Hello all,

This is related to “Buyer Request” offers.

Sometimes on the requests, the buyer’s price is very low.
When I have the skills for the job, I still answer, but with a higher offer (2 or 3 times higher than the buyer’s offer).

What can be the consequences of giving a higher offer? Should I continue or am I losing my time?

I sell since 1 month only.
I got jobs from “Buyer Request”, but only ones where my price was the same as the buyer’s price.
I don’t have experience yet, with a buyer accepting / negotiating my higher price, when his initial offer is low.

That’s why I am curious about this.

Please share your experience


Let the buyer clearly know that the quality of your work will worth it.


If a buyer has fixed budget or they are looking for the cheapest offer then you won’t get it, but in that case the job isn’t probably worth it anyway.

You should know what your service is worth and anyone who can’t pay the price is not worth your time.
That being said, if you don’t know how to sell your service and show its value then you probably have to lower your prices.

For example, let’s take your translation gig.

  • The gig cover photo isn’t really appealing. If needed, hire someone to do you a proper cover photo
  • Use a video to showcase your language skills.
  • Where are your samples? You can attach PDFs if needed
  • Your gig description has grammar mistakes so I wouldn’t hire you to translate FR > EN, but EN>FR will be probably fine. Although there’s no proof of your French
  • Your price is $5 / 400 words. I don’t think you can go any lower than that so this is probably not an issue.


I think the buyer request is joke, not really sure how, but those who post there are looking for the cheapest service that they can get…


Thank you very much for your feedback on this gig.
You are completely right, especially for the cover which was not appealing at all.
I am actually reworking all my gigs.
And, I also really need to learn how to sell my services.