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Someone can help me give some effective buyer request sample. Which most important to get more order for new seller.

I cannot tell exactly, But I can guide you!
Have a company profile in PDF format stating why, who and what you are! and send it as a link stating (WHY US) and have a portfolio link in your message to showcase them your work!

this resulted 80% better and more sales for ME


Please sent me that link.

Write your offers in a professional but friendly tone of voice, providing credentials and actually addressing details in their request to show them you were paying attention. If they sign off with their name, it helps to include that as well.

Personally I also like to ask some relevant questions, both because a lot of them aren’t thorough enough with the description and also because it starts a conversation, showing that I’m interesting in meeting their needs.

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How much Effective this Sample & where need to improve Please let me know? i am new seller but i can not get a any job But many time i sent this request Hello, Your job post has caught my attention Because I am a Professionally Photoshop expert. I’m considering your job for me with these required capabilities. I have done several projects like this . I have confident that I will do your work very well .I hope you would like my work and you will give me a good feedback which is very important for my future career in fiverr. So, ORDER me now, and Enjoy your Services. I am really Expect that, We will meet soon. Thank you

So I think one thing you should consider is splitting up your offers into paragraphs. For example, something like:

I would be interested in helping you out. [Insert other relevant parts, etc. here]
Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

I’d advise you to think about things from your customer’s standpoint. While good feedback is obviously important for us as sellers, I don’t think many buyers would be comfortable if you are upfront requesting positive feedback like that.

Personally, I’d advise against using templates unless you actually substitute specifics about the job at hand into a formulaic offer. This way you can cater to the specifics of the job that they’re offering.

Another thing to consider is maybe checking your grammar. Generally if it’s not a writing/editing job I don’t think it’s as important, but some parts of your offer are a little difficult to understand, which may be hurting your chances.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Great information! thanks for your reply! Learnt something new

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No problem! I was very reliant on BR at the very beginning when I had no reviews, so it was an interesting process to learn about writing up an offer, what worked and what didn’t. I’m glad you found it helpful!

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Thanks for your suggestion.

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Thanks @somaginer1996 i also needed that

Thanks @somaginer1996, this is also very helpful for myself too! :rose: