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Buyer request how to get work

Hello, Everybody!
Working on Fiverr I have found that I have never got reply for my offer on Buyer request platform
So I have few questions about it

  1. Has anybody got work through buyer request?
  2. What was your secret? :blush::grinning:
    Thank you in advance!

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If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are several posts on how to write an effective reply which may be helpful to you.

thank you for fast reply, I tried really a lot of times but I failed
so it seems to me that there is some magic))

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Hello sizeburo,

Yes, I’ve gotten orders from the BRs before. They were very helpful is getting me started on Fiverr. If you are having troubles with convincing your clients to pick you for the job (based on the offer you sent in response to the BR), I’d suggest that you go through this :arrow_down: forum thread. The forum posts referred to in this post helped me out TREMENDOUSLY!