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Buyer Request || How to grab buyers attention

I have already sent 45 buyer requests. But I got only one order. Please help me with some advice.
How can I garb buyer’s attention?
How long a cover letter should be?
What should be the starting of the letter?


Check this out:


It’s helpful.
But what should be the starting.
Start with my intro? or the project related intro?

It’s helpful.
And how was the following?

:+1: But you shouldn’t give the full name it sounds somewhat “not cool”,maybe.

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Only 45? I have sent 119 and have got three orders. Though, many others have contacted me.

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I am hardly find buyer requests. It’s a big problem.

Nowadays me too. Previously I used to send 9-10 daily.

Now 5 are remaining for today…

After I got my first order(Technically two–I got two orders almost at the same time–They were my first because before that I had to cancel one) and broke the flow of BR it stopped coming to me I guess.

I mean they come but some are irrelevant to what I do.

last two days I don’t find even a single one :disappointed:

I just typically do it every time.