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Buyer request "I will report you if..."

I’ve noticed an increase in Buyer Request for VO that include threats of reporting. I’m wondering how serious this is. Background: the services I offer, and thus requests I’m viewing, are all in voice over.

The request is generally for a high word count for a rock bottom price. There is then a statement along the lines of “If you bid higher than this amount, I will report you to Fiverr.”

Question, then: Is it even possible to report a bid on a Buyer Request? If a bid is reported, how does Fiverr handle it?

Inquiring minds want to know!



What kind of a threat is that?? I mean, how can the person even report?
I’d say report this person who posted that.
Not sure how Fiverr will handle it, but I think it’s worth a try.

Some people might say “Hey, he’s only making it VERY clear what he wants, there is no problem in that,” but it still can come across as a threat.
Reporting is for inappropriate behavior, this looks pretty inappropriate to me.


Maybe reporting a bid is not possible. But maybe you should take screenshot of his/her bid along with his name(only possible in mobile app) and attach it with your report.

I guess I should be clear, I’m not going to report BRs like that. I figure they will likely get what they ask for. Occasionally I will bid my standard rate, with a pitch to let them know the value they will get.

My concern is if the Buyer tries to report me for upselling. What would be the impact on my account?

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And you should report to be honest. It’s inappropriate behaviour from a poster and basically a blackmailing.

They can’t report you for that. It’s pure blackmail and manipulation. And even if they’ll try fiverr wouldn’t take any actions against you because it’s not against TOS.
People who write those threats in their requests obviously don’t know fiverr rules and are a huge red flag to work with.


Why bother to work with the buyer when he seems bad person from the request. His request is like this, imagine what will happen in the order. Ignore and look for other requests.

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Technically, it’s possible to submit a ticket to Customer Support and complain about whatever.

What’s to handle? It’s not forbidden to send an offer with a higher amount. They’d probably get some generic response.

The phrasing “If you bid higher than this amount, I will report you to Fiverr” is a control mechanism. It means the buyer is scummy and not a nice person. It’s a psychological method which ensures that the buyer retains control (in a bad way) over the seller from the first moment. For this reason I wouldn’t get involved in working with this type of buyer - as you’re almost guaranteed a bumpy and unpleasant ride.

Can they report you for bidding higher than their stated amount? No - that’s not an offence. However, as @catwriter has pointed out, some people will report you for anything - and we have seen seen apparently odd customer support decisions reported in the forums in recent months.

But I would just ignore this abusive type of buyer. Life is too short.

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