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Buyer request is a bull-run competition on price

i send all request daily from 2 mouths now abut 0 results :

  • clients keep searching for low bids first all 5 dollars seller get a chance for more negotiations otherwise is not the best place to find ideal costumers
  • clients don’t review portfolios just cheeking wish bid is ready to offer the moon with ridicules amounts of requirements for $5
  • clients tend not to respond to any question asked - is not about solving there need is more about free service providers
  • client don’t just copy pacing requirement form a third-party costumer they just collect indeterminate founds so the more profitable witch means top sophisticated 3d render design for 5 bucks \
  • client don’t even understand there requirement they take days to ask there client and you can only hope if they respond !

I can say with certainty that the attitude you have about buyer requests might be offputting to any potential clients who you contact.

Some advice that may make you successful when dealing with buyer requests:
-Be confident with what you’re selling. Know your service, and explain to the potential client why YOU should be chosen.
-Make sure your application is free of spelling errors. English is not everyone’s native language, but it is the language of the Fiverr platform. Run your posts through a spell check. There are many errors in your forum post that I, as a buyer, would be leery of if I were looking for someone to hire. Your profile says that you are native/bilingual with English, but your gigs have many spelling / grammatical errors. If I saw this I wouldn’t think you weren’t able to speak English, I’d think worse–that you were lazy.
-Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price for buyer requests with fewer features. Your gigs showcase many features that you offer for a buyer, but a buyer might not want this many features, only the base design in one format. Tailor your services (which admittedly seem to be worth the price you place on them) down to meet client needs. Not everyone wants as much as you offer.


i appropriate your time for long answer, i have sheared my proposal experience with buyer request so fare and i hope you have the same issues with that if you can pls tell what is your success aspect ratio on getting jobs from BR will be hilly appreciate it … i will review all my gig description soon and check the misspellings and grammatical errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Not true at all in my experience. Not only my revenue comes mostly from regular buyers I got from BR when I first started, but I have this one buyer who’s ready to start another project, totaling well over hundreds of $ invested so far that replied to my offer with:

You’re the most expensive offer I got, but I liked your bidding so I’d like to ask why you think I should hire you.

It’s a myth that Fiverr is a race to the bottom, but you have to know where you want to place yourself and how to convey your value to potential buyers.