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Buyer request is a joke

I know buyer request is quite a topics here…

I had sent out buyer requests for some photoshop work, the budget is stated very clearly and it’s fixed.
Whether the seller sends requests, they give me the lower price range and once I contact them, they increase their price. This happened to quite a few sellers that I contacted.

Is it they don’t read the buyer request or just want to show a more attractive price or they don’t expect the work to be that hard?


I would guess that they wanted to bait and switch you into hiring them. They put forward a lower, unrealistic price to interest you/buyers, and then switch to the, “oh, but it really costs a lot more than that”, when you contact them and open a line of communication. You would be surprised what I’ve seen – in my own studies of the BR section, both as a buyer, and a seller. On the plus side, I take what I see, and do the opposite (the honesty approach), and I tend to win jobs from that.

When everyone is trying to find ways to cheat the BR system, and you step into the fray and show/prove an honest approach, buyers tend to accept your offer over the others.

Why so many sellers keep operating from a desperate (dare I say, dishonest) approach baffles me. Us veterans have literally told those sellers, here on the forums, what needs to be done to win the orders, and they never do those things.


I dont really get what those sellers are thinking, there is a button " ORDER NOW" and once I clicked the button and the system will charge according to the amount seller had put.
And if the seller want to upsell me or add more price. Cancelling the order will hurt their ranking, and to avoid it, they will need to work for me, with the lower price that them had put…

I find it interesting too, that sellers aren’t actually writing offers. They choose a price, and then use the text box to tell that buyer how great they are, or how perfect they’ll do an order – with no presentation of an offer whatsoever. There’s no competition. They just expect buyers to hire them, and they’ll start getting rich any day now. That’s not how the BR section works. That’s not how it has ever worked.

The seller is supposed to write a carefully competitive offer, to provide the service that the buyer is asking for, and the listed price is an extension of that written offer. Almost every offer I’ve seen – with me, as buyer, have not given me anything that resembles an offer in any way. Needless-to-say, I didn’t hire any of those sellers.

I find myself doing well as a seller in the BR section, because I take a competitive approach, I respond directly to what the buyer is asking for, I explain how and why I am the best person for that job, and I fully explain the offer I am sending. The offer/price I send, is the offer at which I will do that work. Period. No deception, no changed prices later on. I make a promise, and I keep it.

I don’t know, maybe all those other sellers are actually trying to help me be the seller those buyers hire. Maybe they WANT me to win the BR requests. :thinking: To be honest, they’re not doing a good job competing against me.

NOTE: This is a post of encouragement folks. Be competitive. Be strategic. Be helpful. Don’t make it so easy for me to win all the jobs I compete for in the buyer request section! :wink:


Yes it makes no sense. But the sellers who do this don’t think rationally and they aren’t interested in seeking work honestly or legitimately. If you browse the forum or any social media you’ll find communities of Fiverr sellers discussing what tricks they can try to try to get orders.

They refuse to believe that buyers buy what they want, not because sellers used stupid tricks that make no sense.

You’re totally right but these aren’t rational or ethical people. They don’t care. They just want to get orders by playing stupid tricks.


Haha, I wonder how many honest seller, I can find in the 146 offers haha