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Buyer Request is a mess

Hello, this will be the second time I post something related to buyer requests, my previous thread was mainly for new sellers, as I thought only inexperienced sellers need a piece of advice, but man I was wrong.

Recently I posted a request for a job, I fixed the price to $50 and the deadline to 7 days.

I got +70 offers, only one seller had a custom offer and was actually talking about my request, but getting generic offers is not my point.

I want to talk about this, and please keep in mind all sellers are level one and two:

  • I don’t know why but some sellers mentioned they have multiple accounts.
  • Some sellers clearly asked to chat on other platforms.
  • One seller’s offer was “Ok, inbox me”, another was “Deal, hire me”
  • Offering $7000 for a $50 job, one day rush.
  • Begging to hire, spamming “please hire”.
  • One said he checked the file attached and he is ready to work, I had to re-check to see did I even attached a file.

In one more case, a seller offering $5000 and a one-day rush, but his offer was “I will do it for free”. This made me stop and think about it. A new buyer could easily be manipulated by the message and clicked Order now, many buyers disappear for a while after ordering. One day for delivery and 3 days to automatically mark the order complete can cost $5000 for a buyer who is new to the rules.

I don’t know why but some sellers are not only crossing the line, but they are desperately begging to hire or trying to scam. They are violating terms like they have nothing to lose. Willing to win a job by spamming, scamming, or begging is sad. Saying “I read the request” without even mentioned one detail is driving me crazy.

Current WiP list of things needed concerning BR.

The Buyer Request section needs a fair bit of work (things to fix/add BR):

  1. a [report] option (buyer and seller side),
  2. keep <br> formatting (buyer and seller side),
  3. insert both original request and original offer in chat if buyer contacts seller (buyer and seller side),
  4. auto-expiration of old offers and/or option to set an expiration and/or option to withdraw old offers (buyer and seller side),
  5. a [shortlist] sorting option, not just [remove offer] (buyer side),
  6. fix losing all typed text if accidently click out of window (seller side),
  7. desktop visibility for all uploaded files from buyers (seller side),
  8. [confirm] when click [remove request] (seller side),
  9. update/change error message to reflect when a buyer withdraws their request (seller side),
  10. ‘milestones’ offer option (seller side),

Based on your post, maybe a feature that lets the buyer set a hidden pricing range and will automatically hide offers that don’t fall in that range. :thinking:



People are desperate for work. And they should never beg or do work for nothing, however, just one point:

If I bid on Buyers request, and someone is wanting work for peanuts, for example, they want an animated video for $5. A 15 minute video take 1 hour to make, why must I quote for the job? No I don’t offer that price, I will offer a realistic price for the job.

Another thing that buyers do, is they do not provide enough detail in their description, this makes if equally as difficult for a seller to make a reasonable quote. How can I quote for something without knowing what I am going to be working on.

So I think people should use buyers request, whether they are a buyer or seller, in a better way.


Now I know why I never bother with BRs.

I’m not desperate for freelance work.


Don’t use buyer requests, neither as a buyer nor a seller. Fiverr should get rid of the feature. It gives hope to meksells, and they stick around stinking the platform. If there were no buyer requests people with no skills and trash gigs would just wait forever and get no messages, close the account and disappear. With buyer requests they hang around because they can keep applying to bs jobs.


We all know how the jungle (buyer request) looks like this is why we never hang here :rofl:

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This is very interesting!

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If the buyer set $5 budget on his animated video project I won’t even quote it, that’s why BR should have sorting options. The buyer should learn how to set a reasonable budget, and buyers won’t learn that as long sellers quotes for him.

If the buyer didn’t provide enough information, still you feel the project is interesting, you can ask for detail and mention that the quote is not final. At least that’s what I do.

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@looseink no harm in sending a good offer for an interesting project.

@visualstudios Giving hope is not the problem of BR, sorting and meeting criterias from both sides is mandatory.

Thank you for your valuable information

I am just interested. You say the quote is not final. What does this mean?

This is not a quote, it is a custom offer. If they select that offer, it will immediately generate into an order.

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Quote it as you see it is fair to you

I’ve already made a post on this, and I don’t feel like copy/pasting as that would loose the context of that thread.


huh, interesting to hear about BR from a buyer perspective for once! I didn’t realize how many people send offers like that. I often try to mention the relevant skills based on the project so I guees it’s good to hear that buyers like that!, though I do often offer higher than the person asks (I would never offer some crazy like $7000 when they requested $50, though as someone else stated some buyers expect a $50-100 job for $5 :man_facepalming: sometimes I don’t know if it’s because they have an open-ended budget or if they really expect something for so little)

Either way, like most people say, I rarely find requests of value in the BR section, and buyers seem to rarely find good offers…so it does beg the question if it needs to be revamped or eliminated.

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Here’s another buyer on that topic, if you’re interested: Buyer's Request: 39 Offers, Should you bid ❓


I’ve never understood why Fiverr keeps going with the Buyer Request section.

I think it’s damaging to Fiverr’s reputation and in my opinion it should be scrapped.

I’m generalising here, but it’s mostly full of manipulative buyers and desperate $5 sellers.

Let’s face it, what happens in the Buyer Request section is completely at odds with the slick, professional and lifestyle image that Fiverr is pushing ahead with. And as has been noted by one or two others, any seller with an ounce of integrity steers clear of Buyer Requests.


Correct! For the unrealistic offer from buyers buyer request system is not working fine for us these days. should be changed for a better work environment for all of us.

I don’t think buyer request is a bad idea. Without it, most new sellers won’t have a chance at all on fiverr. I think anyone who feels it’s wrong should just stop using it and people who feel otherwise can continue. It’s as simple as that.


I tend to agree, this is actually a pretty solid opportunity for newcomers to obtain visibility. For the serious and dedicated ones.

Worked for me.

As of for now, I would not click on this section with a 10 meters stick.

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True, in my opinion, buyer request should be removed, it’s just ruining fiverr reputation even more