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Buyer Request is a mess

I’m going to be a tad controversial. I think the idea of BRs is fine, it’s just that the way it’s been suddenly stress tested shows the flaws. I think I’ve mentioned sometime before that it feels like a feature that never left beta.

As it stands, yes it should be pulled. But like Promoted Gigs (the first version was apparently terribly), it has the potential to be reworked and fixed up.

It’s like building water-way systems for a 100-year flood - Wikipedia, it was fine until it wasn’t.


I don’t have a problem with the concept of Buyer Requests. In many ways the idea of sellers bidding for jobs is a bit like pitching for a contract in real life. However the reality of the Buyer Requests section is that it has become a lawless state overly populated by shady scammer type buyers who demand the earth in return for a pittance, and desperate, desperate sellers who will indeed sell the earth for a pittance. There doesn’t appear to be any policing of what are, in some cases, highly exploitative and extremely arrogant job posts. That’s reason number one why I don’t like the Buyer Requests.

Reason number 2 is this… Fiverr is continually evolving to present itself as a very modern and respectable freelancing platform with some quite moral (some would say restrictive) rules on offering certain services (although I’m not saying this is a bad thing), and to be quite frank this moral approach / public face of Fiverr doesn’t sit very well alongside the shady side of Buyer Requests. They are almost like two entirely different platforms, and Fiverr should decide what it is - it can’t be both going forward. Any sensible brand and business manager would know this.

Yes, the Buyer Requests section does give new sellers the opportunity to attract work, but I’m really not convinced it’s a healthy place to hang out. I’m not so cynical to think that there aren’t genuine buyers on there, but the chances of a seller encountering a scam are extremely high.

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I think I get your point now. You’re absolutely right. It’s true that there may be many unserious buyers in the buyer request section but that should not be enough reason why you should condemn it. I think fiverr should just find a way of minimizing the scam rate and try to adjust some parts of the buyer request section rather than totally taking it away.

The few times I’ve looked at the BRs I’ve gotten that slimy, cheap dating site feeling.

You know, someone looking for something but not really ready to commit a lot of time or money into the offer in case the match turns out to be a dud.

Sure, there’s probably the odd good offer on there but any I have seen are low-ballers looking for suckers who will take the bait and give the Seller something that they could have made so much more on if they just avoided the BR section.

Sorry, I just find the offers insulting.

The offers are indeed insulting. Sellers trying to take advantage of you, lying to your face, and misleading you to get hired. I am done with posting a request, unless Fiverr improve the system, if you take a look on other freelancing plateformes you will see how much effort they put on a good system.

Posting a request should be accompanied with criterias; seller level, country, expertise, number of projects, rate, etc.

One seller tryied to convince me I have to add $200 so he can purchase two APIs to work on my project, he gave me their names after asking 6 times in a row. APIs are not even available online.

Another seller said on his offer that he done something similar to my project, interesting! I asked him to show me the similar project, he replied “I am sorry I thought you were someone else, I didn’t do a similar project”

Man why wasting each other’s time. This madness has to stop, Fiverr should take actions.

Thank you for your valuable information :wink: :slight_smile: