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Buyer request is not accepting :(


Can anyone give me an example that what kind of request I should do???I have sent almost 30 request…No response. :frowning: :frowning:


Could you post a sample of the requests that you have sent? It would be useful.


Take your time, there is no hurry. Buyers usually can wait.


Your job post has caught my attention Because I am a Graphic Designer and I’m considering your job for me with these required capabilities. I have done several projects like this . I have confident that I will do your work very well .I hope you would like my work and you will give me a good feedback which is very important for my future career in fiverr.

So, ORDER me now, and Enjoy your Services.
I am really Expect that, We will meet soon.

Thank you

I am sending it


Maybe send a link of your portfolio.
I have a tumblr account just for fiverr


Cover letter must be shorter x2 that yours
Buyers dont like read too much text
But its only my opinion


Asking for good feedback isn’t allowed. You could get an account warning for that, or, if you keep doing it, you could get banned.

This looks like a template you send to everyone (in other words, it looks like you haven’t even read what the buyer needs). It’s better to tell the buyer how you plan to do what they need, and why you think it should be done that way.


The offer contains some punctuation and grammar errors.
The thing that irritates me the most is however the tone, the stance, the point of view.
You put openly your personal interest first.

It should be the other way around.

Again, the game is that the buyer is evaluating you, not vice versa.

You have to prove that, but you can’t do it now.
Not a single line about the request of the buyer, you don’t even ask for more details.

This is not the final straw just because you add something worse shortly after, for three times.

  1. It’s simply rude.
  1. It’s just wrong.
  1. It’s simply rude (and grammatically wrong, as the previous sentences).


  1. Proofread the text.
  2. Say something about the request. Ask for more information if necessary.
  3. Explain some details of your offer (price, delivery time, possible alternatives). Nothing fancy.
  4. Be corteous.


Thank you so much for your all valuable words.Will help me a lot. :slight_smile:


You reply to the request is way too generic. It also presents an attitude that everything is about you and not about the buyers project. For me personal the many punctuation mistakes would be the first turn off.

I think that @pacquo made some very good suggestions.


Thank you so much.Realy helped me a lot


The OP owes you a nice cup of :coffee: for such a precise answer. :slightly_smiling_face: