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Buyer Request is NOT the same as Seller Request

What’s going on that so many sellers are now advertising in Buyer Requests? This is frustrating for those of us bidding on jobs. Please do your part to post the best profile page and samples of your work and go with that.

I don’t normally rant, but this has gotten out of hand!

I was coming here to make a post that says the same thing…did the rules change? How annoying to have to sift through and decipher whether someone is LOOKING for a service or OFFERING a service; some of them are ambiguously worded!

I hope it gets fixed or at least addressed quickly. TBH, if the rules HAVE changed, I may as well post my services there, too. And if they haven’t changed, then these people need to be removed from the page. Grrr…

I’ve noticed the same thing in the last two weeks. It sure does clutter things up.

Yes its really silly on their part.


yes I am tired of this I remember when I first started I posted on request Fiverr didnt even let it through they were quick in their response in stopping it and telling me what I did wrong , Today (and its not my first moan) I look at request only to see that out of the first 12 requests 9 of them where offers of work. I gave up counting after 12 only because I knew from days before that it was the same. I sugested in one of my rants that we could have some sort of admins or Mods helping fiverr out

It’s an issue that’s unfortunately been posted about several times. Hopefully, they’ll do something about it eventually because it does seem to have increased recently and it’ll spare the forum even more threads about it since so many come to post about it (including me in the past).

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I’m glad I am not the only one frustrated by this. I have noticed for voice over sellers who post on the buyer request page, most of them don’t even have videos or any kind of demo on their profile, so they are basically just posting to be posting because they don’t actually have any gigs.

Ugh, alright, well on to sifting through and bidding on some jobs. Best of luck, everyone!

This topic has been discussed several times and this wrong behaviour reported to Fiverr editors.

So, in order to keep forum clean, this thread will be closed, as it doesn’t add anything; if you have something new to write or you have some wonderful tip, please share your opinion on this active thread.