Buyer request is not working anymore


Hello friends. Buyers request are not available for me anymore. That too bad, i always sent my budget from here Didnt understand if it was only for me or if it is general> Best regards


This has been my experience also, for the past three days.


Hi! Really. Mine has been since at last one month ago. Before ther were ten or more request. Now is always none.


If you are not seeing buyers request than you should contact customer support and ALSO CHECK whether YOUR GIGS ARE ACTIVE.
And lastly: buyer request are somewhat good that you use them; but they are not THAT much effective in producing the result in reference to your gig that it can really produce.
Go outside of fiverr and promote your gig on social media and use adverts e.g. google adwords and blogging etc. to get best result.


That’s against the ToS - you can use other PPC programs, but not Adwords. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d hate for anybody to get into trouble!


You should promote your gigs on social media tough!


Where on social media ? if you do not have luck on sharing on social media ?


Just make a good enhanced introduction of what you are selling and just put a link to your gig there


ok bro thank you i will give it a try :slight_smile:


Best of Luck-:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your time wasted in your words. I will try to promote my gig then. Best regards!


i do think like a business, as does Fiverr, and their ToS says not to use Adwords.

From here:


Good luck with your business … it’s all that I can say to you…


If you don’t follow the ToS, you won’t have a business. :wink:


If your ratings are down not 90% you will not able to send buyer requests.Its new policies of Fiverr.Try to keep 100% ratings.


Where did you find this information? Can you direct me to it?


What happen to buyer request? Its working fine for me.