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Buyer request issue-active user

I’m Dhanushka Perera. my problem is I can see the active buyer request but I didn’t show me. What is the reason behind that. (see the attached)

Please help me to figure out this.


I also face the same issue.

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Thanks for reply.

Are you new seller?

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I think this is floating Buyer request. This will be appeared few minutes later. If you can’t see the request how could you sent 36 request? When you see this just wait & keep making the page refresh.

Thanks for replying
those are older post which I created long time ago. recently I activated my gigs

Then active online on buyer’s time zone.

Yes I am also a new seller

How can I do that, already I’m online, but I don’t know it’s appeared to buyers time zone

It’s a very common visual bug. If you don’t see any requests, then there are none available for you to make offers on.

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