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Buyer- request issue

My offer is for proofreading. The first client asked me to write a short text book on Wi-Fi (15 pages!). I have due respect for the client. His request was a sincere one. He was sober, serious and he talked business with all sincerity.
I am an old timer. I refer to calendar by age; not by the maturity?!! I started my professional career with an practical exercise of 5 band vacuum tube Radio circuits!!! It could receive only AM Radio stations. The short wave bands will have VOA, BBC, Radio Kuwait… and local stations in Medium Wave Band.
The client I refer to is a veteran, designing paper back for for books. He is educated in computer science area. I wept like a child. “How honest am I in presenting myself in the Gig I made”. (Shortly I will redo the profile picture in my Gig).
May I stand corrected with a request to read my sad story. It taught me volumes. Sir (my first client), thank you for making me serious to think - Am I really worthy of being a member if not a seller, at least a buyer, sitting in one corner perusing through the forum discussions de schooling myself and re schooling again.
With profound apologies to the team of Fiverr.
I remain to thank you,
Yours sincerely,
PS: To avoid personal embarrassment I did not include my first client’s name christened by fiverr. Of course one can go to my page and read the email correspondences that took place.