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Buyer request issue

Hello, i am facing unique issue. when i click buyer Requests, i am not able to see any new requests all old Requests are there… this is my side system issue or other also facing same issue ?

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Facing same issue since last 3 days.

yes, i am facing from last 3-4 days.
may be some technical issue.

yes facing same issue, when clicked again request pattern changes but after reopening same thing happening again and again

same at my side,but when i select specific category,it sometimes shows new requests and another option is to click on active request.

Hello, I have the same issue. I send a notification to the support team.

Someone have some update?

Many thanks

I’ve also submitted a ticket to CS.
Did you get any response from them?

Buyer request not getting update for the last 3 days , any update ?

I have same problem, no update…

Do you need to we contact support one by one or this is global problem for all users?

i am also waiting for reply.

from last 24 hrs i am able to see only 2 new request and other all old… full page.

Me too same issue.

hi all,

i think issue is solve now. i am able to see all new buyer request.


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Yes, now I see new buyer requests but I can’t upload the works for my customers!
I don’t know the reason. I think it’s not my problem because the file (jpg) are smaller of 150MB. I alerted the customer support.


try to zip your files and re-upload. maybe its work for you.