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Buyer request issue1

when we see lot of buyer requests, we use those are related to our job, but if we remove others it causes any problem or not? for example i am seeing 10 requests 5 are related to my work and other 5 are not. i sent my related 5 but i removed other 5.
may it cause so see less buyer requests or any ranking issue and any other?

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Fair question, but chances are that nobody who’s read your question knows the answer, or there plain isn’t an answer.

If I had to guess, though, I would say that I doubt it affects anything at all.

(Deductive) Reasoning: People like to complain on the forums. If it did affect anything, there would be complaints. Because there are no complaints, there’s likely no effect.

Please do not use other User´s topics for your own promotion. I have just flagged all your spam posts.

You are free to create your own topic and do not forget to put it in right category.

Thank you.

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