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Buyer Request list way off!


When I search under buyer request I get Female and foreign gigs. Very little for American male. No audio book, narration, e-learning, whiteboard, etc. What can I do to improve my search?


Well, you can’t improve what kind of buyer requests you see in the buyer requests section. Whatever gets posted there by buyers, is what you have to work with as a seller.

Have you tried doing any marketing, targeted toward the exact type of buyers you want to hire you?

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Well then that makes buyer request completely useless.


Some sellers find great BRs to respond to, others don’t. It’s a toss-up, and every seller’s experience is different.

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I love buyers requests! I’ve responded to over 800 of them over the past year (and a half) and I’ve made contact with wonderful people, some who are now regular buyers.

So, my advice will be - just keep at it. The more active gigs you have, the more buyers requests will open up and as you move up on the levels, more relevant ones will come up. Yes, there are duds, but there are a lot of diamonds too. You’ll never know, until you go delving.
Happy mining!

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The problem is there is no work foran American Male. It’s all female and non American. I can’t keep at it if there is nothing to keep at.


Hi @richwarnevo, maybe your tags are not correct or the proper one(s) is/are missing in some way.

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I asked customer service about that. They were no help. I have #voiceover #narration #e-learning #whiteboard #voiceactor.

In the gig metadata I have Male, American, English.

For almost 2 weeks there has been 1 job that fits this. TONS of jobs for women… but that doesn’t help me…lol


It mostly has to do with the category and description of your gig.

A typical example:
Most buyers who want blog posts, would often post their requests under SEO or something closely related, in that case, you’d almost always miss out on the requests meant for you if your descriptions do not entirely follow the current top keywords associated with your service.

Alternatively, you can have two gigs with SIMILAR, but different services.

an example: You have a gig under full graphic designs and another under just logo designs. This way, you are sure to net as many prospective clients as possible under buyers request.

Finally, try to be online as often as you can. I don’t know why, but it seems to me that everything tends to go your way when you are online more often.

I hope this helped :slight_smile: