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Buyer Request needs updating :/


So I as a seller i always visit buyer request, a common thing to do. Whats uncommon about it is that i keep finding Sellers posting their requests in there, is that right or have I messed up my settings?


It’s against Fiverr terms and if you do that then you account might be suspended.
If you have time then report these to customer service, if you don’t have time then simply ignore them.


OK, its really irritating to drag your mouse down the whole screen only to find that 80% of the posts are by sellers.


It really is frustrating, especially the creative writing category which we both fall under. The competition is really hard but if you use your 10 offers every day, you will get customers without having to make a post like that. :slight_smile:


Maybe Fiverr can put a report this as spam link or something in the buyers requests.


funny how there arent even 10 real buyer requests xD all sellers


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