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Buyer Request never appears

Hello. Can you please help me ? I have 2 gigs on my account one of them is for illustrations and the other is for portraits. So I look buyer request sections almost every hour constantly but nothing appears there ever. but every time it says 10 offers left today. No, there was nothing at all. But one time I saw 3 buyer requests appeared. But as soon as I saw them they disappeared immediately. That’s why I’m thinking this is a bug or something. I appreciate your help. Thank you.


Your profile and gigs are properly tagged, because they show. That’s also how it is. Don’t refresh/click again when they come or they can disappear.
You need to check at different hours of the day to slowly understand when most buyers post their request. I live in Europe and the traffic is mostly concentrated at lunch time and in the evening, and that’s when I check.


Thank you so much. It really cleared my suspicions. I will check it with more carefully. I wonder why they disappears when refreshing. that’s weird. So, are there any things else that I should be aware of for not them to disappear ?

You have to refresh the buyer request site manually. Try for example 1 minute period for refreshign the page. It will helps. The 10 offers today means that you have 10 tickets you can send daily and have not use a single one. Hope this helps.

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All clear. Thank you, dear.